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Fredagens feta femma

Då har vi bara fem stillbilder kvar men vad är det man brukar säga? Spara det bästa till sist.

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Zoey i Seventeen Magazine

Den här lilla bilden är en hänvisning till resten av sidorna som Zoey är med på :)

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Danila är med i en rysk film som heter Dubrovsky där han spelar Vladimir Dubrovsky. Det har kommit ut en ny poster som Danila är med på! :) Filmen kommer ut 6 mars.

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Första mötet uppe på vinden

Detta ska bli riktigt kul att se på den vita duken! :)

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Torsdagens fyra

Och dessa fyra inehåller bara Dragozera, dock mest på Dominic som spelar Christian :)
Den nedersta bilden är från deras första möte! :)

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Bello Magazine

Sarah Hyland var på framsidan av Bello Magazine nu i januari. Hon blev även intervjuad och pratade om Vampire Academy! :)
Interviewer: Your character on Vampire Academy is also a great departure from Haley.
Sarah: Natalie Dashkov is a loser geek. She knows all the gossip around the school beause she doesn't have any friends, and so the gossip serves as her friend sometimes. I wear glasses and have crazy frizzy hair and i even got to wear these  fake tattooed pimples! i don't want to give anything away but, it's fun. She's very much a fly on the wall, if that eludes to anything. Daniel and Mark Waters were such amazing people to work with.They were a dream combination for me, having been such a fan of Mean Girls and Heathers. Olga Kurylenko is in it. And it's one of those things where she's so gorgeous you don't really speak around her, because you're almost intimated by her beauty. Or if you're like me, you're just rambling and making yourself out to look like an idiot. You just keep talking and talking to fill the space.Kind of like i'm doing now.
Läs mer och se flera bilder här :)

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Zoey i The New Divisions musikvideo

Zoey och Avan Jogia (som även råkar vara ett par) har varit med i The New Divisions musikvideo till låten Opium.
Fina Zoey, hon gör även ett riktigt bra skådespeleri så jag uppmanar er verkligen till att se videon! :)

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Lissa Dragomir och Christian Ozera

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Onsdagens tio stillbilder


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Intervju med Sami

"Clearly, Mia is the ultimate mean girl, but she wasn’t prepared for what Rose had to offer. Those familiar with the novels know that Mia is the ultimate social climber. With Lissa and Rose returning to St. Vladimir’s, Mia wastes no time in trying to prove she belongs among the royals by basically bullying Lissa. In fact, Mia is even dating Lissa’s ex.
When Hypable spoke with Sami Gayle, who plays Mia, she said, “For me as an actress, I want to do work that is diverse, and this was a challenging role for me. I’ve never really played a girl like this who is the mean girl and popular. When I was in school I was the girl who danced, who had a couple of friends. Dying my hair blonde was great because it immediately felt I was doing something to be more popular and collaborating with the director [Mark Waters], who allowed me to just try everything in different ways, which was great. For me, in order to play a character like Mia, it can’t be flat. It has to be complex, and I found that Mia’s redeeming quality was this behavior masked her insecurities about her upbringing. I think a lot of teenagers can relate to that insecurity.”
Gayle went on to say that her favorite scene was the day she got to show her fangs because she was the first to “fang out.” In case you were wondering, it was the scene shown in this clip, which she also did her own stunts for, including taking that punch!"

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Några nya stillbilder i samband med bulgarisk hemsida

HÄR är hemsidan! :) 

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Vi har inte lika mycket Dragozera-material som vi har av Romitri så därför blir det mesta från balen. 

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Då fortsätter vi med tisdagens tio stillbilder! :)

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Lucy och Zoey i GL magazine

Det som Lucy sa i text:
In real life, Lucy Fry is a self-proclaimed drama nerd who thrives on chill music from Australian artists like The Cat Empire and Jinja Safari. On the big screen, she's a Moroi vamp princess who has the power to heal people and bring 'em back to life. "I did a lot of homework for it," says Lucy, 21, of getting into her role of Lissa Dragomir in the film adaptation of Richelle Mead's Vampire Academy book series (out Feb. 14). She watched old school vamp flicks, perfected a British accent and even took up yoga, "I wanted to feel how [Lissa] moves, so I did a lot of yoga to get that princess posture," she shares.

The film follows Lissa and her half-human bodyguard/BFF Rose (Zoey Deutch) as they return to the boarding school they ran away from two years ago. And though they'd never acted together before their VA audition, they clicked almost instantly.

"We're pretty nerdy and like to work, so we'd always be helping each other with scenes." Lucy says of how she bonded with Zoey on set.

And while the two face danger in the St. Vladimir's Academy halls on-screen, the set was just as tricky.
"Dom [Sherwood, who plays Lissa's BF] and I had a competition for who would fall the most on set," Lucy spills, 'fessing that she won. "I once tripped up the stairs and had a massive bruise on my leg. Luckily, I wore stockings and long pants so it was covered."

Not that a huge bruise would hold back Lucy: She recently crossed off a major goal by backpacking through Peru for two months with her BFF. "I wish I could do it all over again," she says.

Lucy's next goal? "I want to be an elf," says the diehard J.R.R. Tolkien fan. "I love The Lord of the Rings books and movies," she says. "They're brilliant!"

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Cameron bröt sina fingrar

"I also broke my hand during the shoot, so that was a bit of a surprise. I filmed a fight scene with Zoey in that condition, and I went straight to a hospital from set for an X-ray to find out it was indeed broken. I had to wear a sling for a while, and there's actually a scene in the movie where you can see my fingers are in a splint."
Cameron bröt sina fingrar under en fight-scen och åkte därefter direkt för att röntga där det visade att han brutit sina fingrar! Han förklarade även då att det syns i en scen i filmen att han har brytit sina fingrar, och vi har fått en stillbild från den scenen ;)
Här ser man hans fingrar.
Snacka om att gå in för sin roll, det gillar vi! :) När de skadar sig bevisar de bara att de går in 110% för sitt jobb och det uppskattas.