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Silver Shadows

Nu är den femte och näst sista boken i Bloodlines-serien ute på marknaden! Klicka HÄR för att köpa hem den! Rekommenderar varmt denna serie, började läsa första boken den här sommaren och har i dagsläget läst ut de tre första och befinner mig för tillfället på den fjärde boken! Ska självklart klicka hem Silver Shadows så fort jag kan! :)
Silver Shadows: Bloodlines book 5 (Pocket)Silver Shadows: Bloodlines book 5 (Pocket)

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QA med Richelle

Richelle lånade det officiella VA-twitterkontot och svarade på massa frågor om bland annat VA. Så här löd det:
Have you seen the movie yet?
I have seen it! And I loved it. I was so blown away. So much more amazing than I even imagined.
I hope the new baby is doing okay?
He's great! But he's also why I'm not online much. I hope you're able to stay up to date with this and other VA accounts!
Hey Richelle! Why does Lissa wear a green dress instead of a pink one at the dance?? Just curious! :)
I think just b/c it looked better on Lucy. Pale colors can wash out pale people. It wasn't a detail that affected plot :)
What do you think of Sami as Mía?
Sami is awesome as Mia! She really knows how to play Mia's bitch side and vulnerable side. It's a tough job.
What is your favourite swap from book to film scene?
Tough one! I have so many faves. I love all the Lissa/Christian attic scenes, and the ending scene is also phenomenal.
Did your cameo make it to the movie? If so, what was it like seeing yourself in the movie of your book?
Last I knew it did, but we'll see if it's in the final cut! It's really small and short. My husband didn't even notice me!

What's your favourite rose and dimitri scene?
My fave is when they're going back to St. Vlad's at the beginning. R&D have some funny lines on the car ride there. :)
How do you feel about the actors that are playing the characters you created?
I loved them. Their performances astounded me. Even the side characters were show stealers! The actors really 'get' their roles.
Any type of little Dimitri POV if we win MTV movie brawl?(:
Ha, no more Dimitri POV, I'm afraid! But maybe the movie team will come up with a treat. We'll see
I'm not sure if you can tell us this, but is the ending different than the book? ( like slightly throwing off frostbite)
There are a few tweaks in the action scenes, but the ending is ready to set up Frostbite if it gets made (fingers crossed!).
(Question was deleted)
Really hope Shadow Kiss gets made b/c Zoey and Dominic have awesome chemistry as Rose & Christian. Can't wait to see more!
How close did you work with director Mark Waters?
Mostly as an advisor, which was fine with me. He has a hard job! He fact checked things and made sure choices wouldn't ruin future books.
What's been the most exciting part of this for you?
Seeing the characters come to life. It reminds me why fans love the series so much and even makes me want to write more. :)
Are the other books in the series also going to be made into movies?
It depends on the success of this one! If it does well, they'll also make Frostbite and so forth. So make your friends see it!
On the scale of 1-10 how much did you enjoy filming and stuff?
I only saw 2 days of filming, but I'd give it a 10! It was fun seeing VA come to life and watching how much the cast loved it
Will there be Vampire Academy costumes available for Halloween?
That'll depend on you guys and if you make them. :)
Was it difficult to cast the movie and how close will the movie follow the book?
I didn't do the casting but love the job they did. The movie follows all the major plot points. There are little changes, but they were all smart ones.
Is there too much humor in the movie?
Honestly, I expected more! Lots of jokes, but the majority is very serious. You guys have seen heavily edited funny commercials!
Why was the UK date pushed back so far and does this mean we wont get a premiere?
Release dates are controlled by each country's own film distributor, so I honestly don't have an answer. Hope you love it!
How much Zoey Deutch looks like Rose?
To me, Zoey Deutch is a really close match to the Rose in my head! Even more so, she totally owns Rose's personality.
Have you built a relationship with the Vampire Academy cast?
They welcomed me instantly when I met them on set and have been super friendly in online communication! I love them.
(Question was deleted)
Only if they're of age! :) All the guys knock it out of the park, btw. You'll be in love with all of them.
Do you think we can win the MTV Movie Brawl?
VM's a tough fandom but if anyone can do it, we can! Divergent has many more readers so that victory already beat the odds!
How does the movie compare to the book? Is it faithful enough for you?
Yes, esp b/c all my fave scenes were in there. If one of your faves was cut, you might be sad, but overall, they kept most!
Does the movie capture the tone you were hoping it would?
Yes! I intended the book to be a mix of seriousness, romance, & humor, & the movie nails it (no matter what some ads might seem!)
What was your favorite food they had on set?
They had a food truck that made free lattes and smoothies. It was awesome.
How is the bond between Lissa and Rose portrayed in the movie?
Rose's eyes go funny when she's in Lissa's head so you know it's happening. Zoey & Lucy also really capture the emotion in the friendship
How was Lucy Fry as Lissa?
Wonderful. I loved her before I saw the movie, and then I was stunned at how well she captured Lissa's strength & fragility.
Which VA trailer do you like best so far?
Last Stand is my favorite by far. If you haven't seen it, go search and check it out! Very dark and lots of action.
There was some scene that made you cry?
I didn't cry, but I was sad each time I saw Cameron Monaghan as Mason. Readers know why. :)
How come the VA movie will get release in February in most countries but others will have to wait!
Each country's own film distributor makes its own choices about release and has reasons for it. That's all I know!
When will we get some teasers of silver shadows?
It's not finished yet! The baby came early, so right now, he's got all my time, but I hope to finish it soon. :)
Will you be attending the premiere?
Afraid not! My new baby is too little to fly to LA, and I can't leave him home. He'll be my date for a viewing here. :)
Which character do you most identify with?
Hard to pick! I'm not much like Rose, but I definitely understand her most.
Hey Richelle! For you what was the hardest scene to watch being transferred from paper to the screen?
It wasn't hard, but I blushed a little in the lust charm scene. It's like watching your kids make out. :)
Were you sad about any lines or scenes being cut? (Whether it was important to the plot or not)
Most of my faves were kept! Some of them go by pretty fast, but it's amazing how much they kept in that 1:45 timeframe.
Did the director steer clear of the things he did with mean girls? That's my biggest fear because VA is different.
Don't worry! VA and Mean Girls both have a sense of humor, but VA is still very serious in all the parts it needs to be.
Can you tell us about the scene where strigoi seem to be in the school around the well attacking students?
There are some dream sequences and background stories that don't change the book & will make sense when you see it. :)
Was the VA movie serious or was it more of a comedy?
Serious w/a sense of humor, just like the books! The ads show a lot of humor to pull in new people, but fans will approve.
If you could pick between a moroi or dhampir, what would you want to be?
None! Those guys have a lot of problems. :)
Are you worried about how the audience who have read the books will think of the movie?
Only that they won't give it a chance. I've said in a million interviews the movie is true, but some still won't believe.
Do you have any idea as to why we don't get merch like a lot of other movies do/did?:(
Probably because we have a smaller readership than, say, Hunger Games, but if the movie pulls in new fans, we may see some!
What did you thought of Lissa (Lucy Fry)and Christian (Dom Sherwood) Chemistry on Vampire Academy Movie?
Lucy and Dominic were off the charts in chemistry, seriously! They totally keep up with Rose & Dimitri. :)
Is there any scene in the movie that comes from the other books?
Nope. I'd say 90% is from book 1, then the rest are small book-to-movie changes or extra background info to explain things.
What are your plans for the future? Are you planning on writing more? And, are you doing a book tour anytime soon?
I'm currently working on book 5 of Bloodlines and have other secret projects in the works. No tours for a while with the baby.
Who was the craziest/funniest cast member?
I wasn't on set enough to know! We'll have to ask the cast. :)
(Question was deleted)
I loved seeing them tease and bond with each other. They had the same great chemistry as the actual characters.
Do you have a fave scene in the movie? And if yes is it funny - action packed or a romantic one ? :)
I loved the church scenes and ending. Also Christian using fire in class:
Who has the funniest lines in the movie?
I'd say Rose does, just like in the books...but Christian, Dimitri, and Mason have good ones too.
What was your reaction when you found out VA would become a movie? :)
Very openminded! I knew it could change the book a lot and was so excited when I saw that it was actually super true to my work.
What do you think of Dom as Christian?
Dominic's amazing. He was one of the last cast, and we're so lucky to get him. He IS Christian, no question.
Do you think the movie is long enough for the characters to develop?
No movie ever is, but they did a really good job of capturing each character's big moments and vulnerabilities. It feels real.
What did you think of the uniforms and other costumes?
LOVED them. I'd wanted uniforms in the book but left them out. Also, the guardian jackets are slick. I want one!
How does it feel to know that the VA fandom is probably one of the biggest?
Funny's actually smaller than many others, but shows more power and heart than fandoms more than twice its size!
How much of Rose and Mason's friendship we'll see on the movie?
It's in there for sure, and Cameron has some pretty funny lines.

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SciFiNow Magazine

Richelle har pratat om Danila och Zoey för SciFiNow Magazine.

“Dimitri has a lot going for him,” acknowledges Mead when we ask her why he made such an impression on her readers. “He’s quiet and mysterious, which drives a lot of us crazy. We want to know what he’s thinking, and readers have flooded me with requests to rewrite the series through his point of view, which I’m afraid won’t be happening! He’s strong, loyal and intensely fierce when it comes to protecting those in his charge. He’ll walk up against formidable odds without blinking an eye. And despite his stoic exterior, we get to see that he has a passionate heart within and is capable of huge emotion when in love. Add all of that up, and it’s no wonder he has so many fans!”

Mead tells us that Zoey Deutch and Danila Kozlovsky are perfect fits for Rose and Dimitri. “It’s really amazing not just how much they look like the characters, but they actually have their personalities down as well,” she enthuses. “Zoey has such energy and sass and totally understands Rose’s sense of humour. When she’s in the room, people know it! Danila likewise has that strength and stoicism that Dimitri has, which cleverly hides a wealth of humour and emotion within. And yet, despite their larger-than-life presences, he and Zoey are both so totally down to earth and approachable. You instantly feel comfortable around them.”
Om ni någon gång vill ha någon översättning på alla de engelska intervjuerna som jag delar med mig av så är det bara att säga till! För i så fall får jag ta mig lite extra tid och översätta! :)

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Jag vet inte riktigt, jag tycker bara att BTS(Behind the scenes)-bilder är underbara. Det är då man ser hur alla är på riktigt, och inte hur de är när de arbetar :)

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Grattis Richelle

Nu får ni ta och gå in på Richelles twitter (om ni själva har twitter) och gratulera henne! Om ni undrar varför så kan jag berätta att hon twittrade det här: (läs nerifrån och upp.)
Richelle har alltså fött sitt andra barn! Det här är även anledningen till att hon förmodligen inte kommer att vara med på så många stopp som teamet gör på deras promo-turné. Premiärdatumet börjar närma sig nu och innan dess så ska några av skådespelarna och antagligen Mark och Daniel Waters ut och göra reklam för filmen! :)

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Intervju med Richelle

Moviehole har intervjuat Richelle. Nedan kan ni läsa hela intervjun. NI kan även hitta den här. :)

Most important question : How involved in the ”Vampire Academy” film are you?
My role is mostly advisory, which is completely normal for authors in book-to-movie adaptations (despite many rumors to the contrary). The movie makers make movies, I make books, and I’m totally okay with that division of labor! That being said, they’ve been really great about asking my opinion and getting my input. I was allowed to read the script and offer feedback, which was used in revisions. During production, Mark Waters asked me questions about costumes and creatures, as well as if certain choices he made would affect future books. This is actually more involvement than many authors gets, so I’m super-flattered both to have that part and that they’ve been so conscious and detail-oriented about the choices made.

How good a job have they done of condensing the book into a film? Did you have any say in that?
I’m very pleased with the adaptation. It is an adaptation, of course, so some things are trimmed or modified for the big screen, but I feel like the decisions were smart ones. They were done either because there wasn’t time or because some things which seem fascinating on the written page actually come out boring on the big screen. I was able to offer feedback after the script was written but actually only had a few comments to make. Overall, I thought they did a sound job and was particularly pleased to see that all of the big plots and subplots stayed in.

Casting-wise, who are you the most happiest with? Did you ever have anyone in mind for the roles when you were writing the book?
It’s hard to pick a favorite. I never did any mental casting while writing the books, partially because movies weren’t on my mind then but also because I didn’t want to be disappointed with any choices made later. As a result, I’m actually really thrilled with the casting. They look the part, and even more amazingly, they completely have the characters’ personalities down. Zoey [Deutch]’s been a particular stand-out. She’s got all the energy, humor, and fierceness of her character as part of her normal personality—so much so, that you almost want to call her “Rose” sometimes!

“‘Mortal Instruments” and ”The Host” haven’t done well at the box office, but similar-themed movies like ”Hunger Games” and ”Twilight” have. Why do you think that is? Do you believe ”Vampire Academy” will fare better than MI etc?
Hollywood is such an unpredictable business that it’s hard to really say for sure what makes one movie fail or another succeed. The Hunger Games and Twilight already had massive readerships before hitting the theaters, which definitely helped with both ticket sales and word of mouth. They have more readers than any other YA adaptation that’s come out since Harry Potter, far more than Vampire Academy. If every VA reader comes out to see the movie, but no one new does, the movie still won’t be financially successful, which makes pulling in new viewers so critical. I suspect some of the other franchises that haven’t done as well recently were in similar positions and simply weren’t able to extend beyond their readership. If that’s the case, marketing becomes a key issue, and it too is a tricky business. I know right now that the VA advertising is focusing heavily on its humorous and edgy sides because that’s definitely what makes VA stand out among some of its peers. The hope is that dark humor will appeal to those who might normally think supernatural stories are too melodramatic. Whether that works to attract new viewers remains to be seen, but we’re certainly crossing our fingers!

The press spiel for the book and upcoming film said it’s more ‘Buffy than Bella’. Do you agree?
Rose, Buffy, and Bella are each unique characters. Rose and Buffy do share a similarly sharp sense of humor, and they’re certainly both fighters. Zoey Deutch got a pretty big compliment recently when Sarah Michelle Gellar saw the Vampire Academy trailer at a theatre and tweeted to Zoey: “That’s my girl- you show them how it’s done.”

What was the inspiration behind the “Age of X” series?
Really, it was a culmination of things. I grew up reading epic, incredibly complex fantasy and sci-fi series. I always thought I’d write in that genre, and it was a little bit of a surprise when I ended up in paranormal and urban fantasy (though I’m a big fan of that too). The Age of X series hearkens back to that old love of complex and epic worldbuilding but also blends some of the lighter and humorous elements I’ve come to adore in the rest of my series. And of course, it’s full of mythology, which has always been a lifelong passion for me.

How did you feel about writing the characters Justin and Mae the way that you did?
In many ways, they don’t feel that different from the characters in my other series, either adult or young adult. Justin and Mae are highly flawed, like everyone I write, though they certainly have some darker vices. I try very hard to give all my characters imperfections, so that they can grow throughout the series and fight battles within themselves, just as they do outside themselves. I also try very hard to make my characters feel real to readers and put a strong emotional component into them. I certainly hope that carried through with Justin and Mae!

How many books does you plan on writing for the Age of X series?
That’s still a mystery. At the moment, I’m tentatively thinking it’ll be a four-book series, but that may change after the next book.

Do you remember what you brought with your first big check resulting from “Vampire Academy” book sales?
Ha, I don’t know how many authors you ask this to, but most of us don’t get “big checks” from our early book sales! There were no splurges with my VA advance, especially since I’d quit my day job recently. It all went into savings!

Dan, Richelle och Mark :)

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Grattis på födelsedagen - Richelle

Det är många födelsedagar nu, men i dag fyller ingen mindre än Richelle år! Hon blir 37 år och jag tycker att alla ska klicka in här och gratta Richelle på hennes födelsedag! För i slutet av dagen så skulle vi varken ha böckerna eller filmen om inte Richelle bestämt sig för att skriva böckerna. Så ett stort grattis till Richelle på hennes dag, hon har gett oss en otroligt fin värld att ta del av!
Ett stort grattis till Richelle på sin trettiosjuårsdag önskar jag på thevampireacademy! :)

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Why we (heart) vampires

Zoey, Sarah och Richelle var med i ett litet inslag i Why we (heart) vampires, och då visades det även nytt material från Blood Sisters! :)

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Några av skådespelarna med Richelle

Från vänster: Cameron (Mason), Ashley (Jesse), Framför Cameron, Sami (Mia), Sarah (Natalie), Lucy (Lissa), Richelle, Zoey (Rose) och Dominic (Christian).

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Entertainment Tonight

Nu har Entertainment Tonight kommit ut med sin episod om VA bakom kulisserna som jag skrev om för några dagar sedan. Dhampirlife har lagt upp två klipp.
Man får se massor av scener, hur det ser ut när de blir filmade osv. Sedan är det även intervjuer med Zoey, Danila (!), Lucy, Sarah och Richelle! :)

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Intervju med Richelle

Richelle har blivit intervjuad av Teen, och då sade hon bland annat det här:

And how would you describe the chemistry between him and Zoey?
 It’s great, both on- and off-screen. Off-screen they’re like siblings; they’re so close, they have such a great rapport with each other. They kind of joke and banter with each other. They’re very close and that’s just great to see. You can tell that they love what they’re doing. I saw them filming some scenes together just over and over and over, taking these hits and they were just into it, and they were having a good time with each other, and that was great.

Twitter (@ZoeyDeutch)/(@VAOfficialMovie)

Twitter (@ZoeyDeutch)/(@VAOfficialMovie)

On-screen, when they’re actually in character, they’ve got the romantic chemistry that everyone’s looking for. I’ve only seen snippets of the film, I haven’t seen the whole thing, not even close, but the scenes I did see, they definitely have that Rose-and-Dimitri action going on, so people are gonna be pretty thrilled with that.

I saw that Zoey’s favorite scene from the film is one where Dimitri and Rose walk back from training. What are excited to see translated to the big screen?
 I’m just really looking forward to the ending sequence because that’s when the action starts rolling out. There’s action throughout the film, of course, and throughout the book, and the film follows the book very closely. So much of that is build-up and there’s clues and all this stuff, and you know something’s going on, but you’re not sure what it is. And then there’s this one point there near the end where just everything explodes. It’s just like, bam, bam, bam to the end. So I’m just really looking forward to seeing that unfold on the screen. That was the most fun for me to write in the book, that action ending sequence, so it’s going to be pretty cool to see it come to life.

Läs hela intervjun här.
Det är så kul att läsa detta, det är som ännu en bekräftelse på att denna filmen kommer att vara a-w-e-s-o-m-e! :)

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Ny stillbild

Eller ja, stillbild och stillbild. Det är i alla fall en bild från inspelningen av filmen, men den är bakom kamerorna eftersom även Richelle är med i den.

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Intervju med Richelle

Who do you think made the leap to the screen with the fewest changes in how you envisioned them?

Richelle Mead: "I would say Zoey Deutch as Rose. She is so similar to what I envisioned in my head. There was a book cover that came out close to when Vampire Academy did and it had a girl on there, and I remember looking at it and thinking, 'Oh, I wish that was Rose. I wish they had put that on my book because that's how I pictured her.' And I saw that recently - it's been years - and I was like, 'Wow, she looks so much like Zoey Deutch.' It's so interesting, and I never showed that to anyone.

She's very similar, not just in appearance but also just her attitude when you meet her. Zoey's very outgoing, she's very energetic, and she just kind of radiates that same personality. And so I think that was such a smart choice for them because there's any number of beautiful, dark-haired girls in Hollywood that they could have cast that would have fit that description, but to actually kind of be able to channel that personality too I think was just a huge triumph on the casting people's part."

Klicka här för att komma till hela intervjun.
Zoey, Dominic och Richelle via Zoeys instagram.

Jag skulle vilja blogga mer just nu, men för det behöver jag tid och koncentration och just nu går mina ögon i kors samtidigt som min dator inte är så sammarbetsvillig. Jag ska ta och sova nu och vila upp mig, så hörs vi med nyheter och bilder i morgon när jag vaknat! :)
Tack för att ni läser, hoppas ni har haft en bra fredag och får en fortsatt bra helg! :)

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Richelle pratar om VA-böckerna

Richelle skrev detta på sin blogg:
"Here's what's going on. This winter, my American publisher is going to be re-releasing the Vampire Academy series with different covers. Starting around November, new paperback printings of the VA series will have covers like the one you see above. That's the first book. Each of the other books will have a new cover with the same pattern, so Frostbite will be blue with a background image of those two people from the former cover design covered by the VA logo. Now, it's important to note that this will not be happening overnight. It's not like on November 1, all VA books will have these new covers. However, it does mean they will become more and more frequent in stores and online, and these old covers may become harder to find:
Again, it won't be an all or nothing replacement right away. You'll probably find both versions in stores for a while, and it's hard to say what you'll get when you order online as inventories shift.

As you process that, here's something else that'll be happening. At the end of December, another new set of VA books will be coming out with--you guessed it--movie tie-in covers. I don't have any previews of these, but you can assume there'll be some awesome pictures of the cast. These will be out along with the redesigned ones in stores (that's the first pic I posted), but I can't guarantee where you'll get what. So, one store may have redesigns, movie tie-ins, and old ones. One store may only have redesigns. Another may only have movie tie-ins. There'll be lots of options!

What does this mean for you? It means plan accordingly! If you like the old cover or need to complete your set, now is the time to get on that and buy them while they're still available. If you like the new redesigned style with the VA logo, hold off until this winter to stock up in November (or ask for them for Christmas!). And if you want movie covers, ask for gift cards for Christmas so that you can then buy the movie ones in late December or in January. Something cool to know is that when the movie versions come out, there'll also be a boxed set of books 1-6 released and a book about the making-of the movie. The Bloodlines series will not be affected by any of this.

For those in other countries, covers are always at the discretion of your publishers, so I can't say for sure what's going on. I'm pretty sure the English-speaking countries (especially Canada, the UK, and Australia) will get movie covers around the same time the US does, but I've heard nothing of redesigns. If you're in a country that doesn't print my books in your language and instead relies on imports of American books, you'll probably be seeing a mix of covers.

So, lots of exciting things are coming! I'll keep you posted and put up images of all the covers as soon as I'm able to (and have seen them myself). And regardless of what covers you see, remember the most important thing of all: the books themselves aren't changing on the inside! The story will stay the same. :)"

I början av november så kommer alla böcker i serien Vampire Academy komma ut igen med ett nytt omslag, det första omslaget (första boken) kommer att se ut såhär:
Det amerikanska omslaget, fast VAsymbolen är framför och det är lite reklam om filmen. Richelle vet dock bara att detta omslaget kommer att finnas i USA, hon har inte hört något annat.
Sedan kommer de andra böckerna i sin tur att också komma ut med ett nytt omslag.
Det är i december som det händer, då kommer det komma ut ytterligare nya omslag på böckerna, fast de kommer att vara med skådespelarna (Zoey, Lissa, Danila osv.)!
Senare kommer det också att komma ut som ett set med alla böcker (med skådepslearna på omslaget) och man kommer att kunna köpa alla tillsammans och få med en bok hur det var att göra filmen.

Hur spännande? Själv kommer jag att köpa böckerna med omslaget med skådespelarna, häftigt att ha det i sin bokhylla! Är tveksam på att det kommer att komma ut i Sverige, så då får man beställa böckerna från USA och läsa dem på engelska. Jag har redan hela serien på svenska hemma och vet att jag ska köpa den på engelska, då passar det här utmärkt! :)

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Zoey och Dom äter middag med Richelle

Läs nedifrån och uppåt så att det blir i rätt ordning :)
Redigeringen av filmen går alltså som på räls just nu. Det är så kul att Richelle är så otroligt involverad i den här filmen, och att hon ger oss information så fort hon vet något! :)