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Cameron på Just Jared's Spotlight of the week

Cameron är Just Jared's Spotlight of the week! Det resulterade i en intervju och några fina foton! ;)
Vilken hunk!
"JJ: Moving on to Vampire Academy, what was your favorite scene to shoot?
CMZoey [Deutch] and I had a fun fight scene. I love getting to shoot fight scenes in general. She was awesome, she was really good and really strong, and probably could kick my butt actually. (laughs) We used stakes. Well, they were wooden imitation stakes, ’cause when you’re in school, you don’t get the full thing until after you graduate. We had training stakes that we were fighting each other with.
JJ: What was your favorite off screen moment during shooting?
CM: Zoey and I got stuck in the Tube, on one of the very first days we got to London. (laughs) We were stuck in the train and we didn’t know what to do. So we started hanging on the bars, swinging back and forth, hanging upside and stuff. That was fun. The train just stopped in the middle and we were stuck. We didn’t have cell service either! We didn’t really know each other that well yet, so that was a really cool way to get to know somebody.
JJ: What’s your favorite prop from set?
CM: I didn’t get to use them but the full stakes, they’re metal, modern and slick. They have these holsters that they keep ‘em in. They’re really cool. I was jealous.
JJ: Describe your Vampire Academy co-stars in one word. Sarah Hyland.
CM: Caring.
JJOlga Kurylenko.
CM: HOT! (laughs)
JJJoely Richardson.
CM: Legend.
JJ: Zoey Deutch.
CM: Mercurial. (laughs) She’ll get really pissed at me if I steal her word. It’s her favorite word. (Zoey used “mercurial” to describe Cameron in her JJ Spotlight interview, ha!)
JJSami Gayle.
CM: Friendly.
JJDanila Kozlovsky.
CM: Cool.
JJLucy Fry.
CM: Nurturing.
JJClaire Foy.
CM: I need more words for friendly… Congenial.
JJDominic Sherwood.
CM: Laid back is a compound word right?
JJAshley Charles.
CM: Bro.
JJ: Now random… How did you break your hand this summer?
CM: I slipped on some grass while shooting Vampire Academy. (laughs) We were doing stunts and cool stuff like that, and of course, I slip on some grass. I broke it the day before Zoey and I had the big fight scene. We did the entire thing, and at the end of it, I was like, “Yeah, my hand still really hurts.” So I went to the emergency room and they said, “Yeah you broke it! You probably shouldn’t be doing that anymore.” There’s actually a scene where I have a couple of my fingers in a splint, in the movie, because I had to wear it."
Ni kan läsa mer av intervjun här (dock är det över det enda som nämns om Vampire Academy, resten är andra projekt som Cameron håller på med).
Kommentera gärna om ni vill att jag ska översätta från engelska till svenska! :)

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